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The country´s image helps to attract foreign innvestment

The Marketing and Communication Director of Luanda-Bengo Economic Zone, Rui Manuel said that the country is betting to attract foreign investment to give a new push in the economy. According to him, the good image of the country, gives a certain visibility to attract foreign investors. Rui Manuel points out the main incentives that the government is providing for the private companies to feel confortable in Angola.

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Le sommet de Luanda sur la Centrafrique reporte

En Centrafrique, les opérations de reconquête du territoire par l’armée et les alliés bilatéraux se poursuivent. L’armée centrafricaine a repris cette semaine la ville de Bossangoa notamment. Et ce samedi un sommet sous l’égide de la CIRGL devait s’ouvrir à Luanda mais il est pour la seconde fois repoussé sine die. La Conférence internationale sur la région des Grands Lacs devait organiser un sommet afin de favoriser la concertation pour […]

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The family had an important role in the preservation of the cultural identity of Kongo people, expert says

Congo Kingdom existed for about five centuries ago and was comprised by countries like Angola, Congo Kinshasa, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon and the north part of Cameroon. The traditional aspects of this Kingdom, shows how strong and important it was in that period, in which, some of this traditional aspects are still in use in the different regions that composed the Kingdom, such as the conception of the family which is […]

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Postponement of Angola to a Middle Income Country represents an opportunity to accelerate economic diversification

Angola has more three years for its graduation to the Middle Income country. According to the United Nations, this process will only happen in February 2024 due the economic difficulties that Angola is going through to diversify its economy, aggravated by the health crisis of Covid-19. For the next three years, the Angolan Government will be working with the United Nations system and its main trade and development partners in […]

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